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We are glad you’re part of the journey called Capital Markets Trading. Know that the APEXSWAPS. team is here and will always be here to help you on the way to success. We do all the hard work for our clients and we analyze the markets, keep a close eye on world economy and craft the perfect signal for our clients. We give details of every trade we take including Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. The clients copy and paste the details into their trading platform from their phones and we make money together. APEXSWAPS enables newbie traders to learn how to trade just as Professional investors in an easy, convenient and intuitive way.

Vision apexswaps


we save our busy traders time spent on market analysis and following the economic news. We achieve this through a well-organized, highly effective trading team and software system which is sent right on your mobile device or calls.

Save Your Money apexswaps

We Save Your Money

Making money consistently in the Capital markets takes years of experience which includes losing a lot of money in the process. We trade our expertise to save you from the losses and make you money from the beginning.

Save Your Time apexswaps

We Save Your Time

You don’t need to spend hours in front of the charts and news channel everyday. We do that for you while you can spend that time elsewhere. You can have our service and make money while you are on a job or spending time with your family.

Team apexswaps

We are a Team

We are a team of professional traders with years of experience in the financial markets. We scan the markets 24/7 every single day. We analyze and decrypt the markets and economies for you. We decided to build our company to help retail traders’ profit consistently every month using our expertise. All of us take the same trades. All of us make money!

Unbeatable Accuracy apexswaps

Unbeatable Accuracy

We hold an accuracy of more than 80% which allows us to have a very little drawdown and maximum profits. All results are verified.

Consistent apexswaps

We are Consistent

Consistency is the name of the game. We are disciplined and patient traders and we know what we’re doing. As a result we’ve always been able to come out profitable unlike other similar services.

WhatsApp apexswaps


We use instant messaging app WhatsApp to provide to maintain our Community and provide Forex Signals.

24/7 Customer Support apexswaps

24/7 Customer Support

You can contact us any time of the day. We will get back to you in the shortest period of time. You can message us anytime of the day with any of your queries. We are always there to help.

How it works

Four easy way to start and make Profit


Register Account

Join our Experts where we provide signals with more than 80% accuracy.

Copy Signals

We do all the hard work for you. Simply copy the signals provided by our professional traders.

Trade Signals

Follow our signals and trade. With our unbeatable accuracy, you will be able to trade like a pro.

Earn Profit

Make consistently huge profit and highly impressive returns with low-risk investments.


"Profitable Trading Signals Delivered on Time"

Forex Signals apexswaps

Forex Signals

We have developed a consistent and highly accurate trading signal delivery system that sends option alerts to our members when it is right to make a move. Our signals are comprehensive providing the most appropriate entry and exit points, and for this reason perfect for anyone interested in trading. We believe that level of proficiency in Financial trading should not matter; what is important that our members perform profitable trades easily.

We send real-time trade alerts to email, and text message notifying our members of when to enter or exit a trade thereby maximizing profit for any given trade. These signals come with detailed weekly analysis to explain our rationale for the decisions we took.

Fund Management apexswaps

Fund Management

Our Fund Management service is your key to making profits without doing anything except investing your money. Our team of experienced Fund Management Professionals, Commodity, Equity, Currency Traders, and Financial Experts use their experience and knowledge to invest your money smartly to ensure profits every time.

This type of investment option is perfect for investors who lack the expertise or don’t have time to trade in their account. Our strategy focuses on developing models and strategies based on market price volatility. We do this while utilizing trading systems based on algorithmic trading models as well as incorporating a variety of non-predictive and discretionary models. This strategy enables us to minimize risk while maximizing profits from our trading.

Why Fund Manager apexswaps

Why Choose Us as Your Fund Manager?

Broad Trading Experience: We have a proven record of profit trading, delivering a high (ROI) on our clients’ funds.

Trading Professionalism: We are committed to our clients and believe that we must do everything to maintain the profitability of your investment with us.

24/7 Customer Support: Customer support and satisfaction is our foremost priority. We are reachable 24/7/365 through email, phone or our website messaging system.

Lowest Fees: We know that you want to keep the maximum profit for your money invested. Compared to other fund management companies our fees are either highly competitive or lower every time.

Risk Reduction Strategies: APEXSWAPS has one goal, to help you make money. We do this by reducing risk and providing reliable trading signals and making calculated trades.

Forex Training apexswaps


We offer a comprehensive Training Program that provides a solid foundation to new and experienced traders. These trainings are easy to understand and follow and will help you develop a consistent trading mindset in record time.

Unbeatable Accuracy apexswaps

What to Expect From Our Trading Training

One to one training.

Mentoring from experienced and successful traders.

Guide to developing a trading plan for trading in Capital Markets.

Interactive training platform with fellow students and trainers.

We also provide 1-on-1 coaching for our clients who prefer personalized training for a one-off payment of $4000 where we show you over the shoulder what is working and not.

We Offer Our Services In 4 Membership Tiers









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Explore more features by selecting a plan and choose how you want to start with us


Trial Pack : $7 (7days)

Monthly Pack : $50 (30days)

Quarterly Pack : $125 (90days)

Yearly Pack : $450 (365 days)

Minimum average earning is
25% to 30% a month

Could vary depending on
market conditions

40% Profit Share


Trial Pack : $15 (7days)

Monthly Pack : $100 (30days)

Quarterly Pack : $250 (90days)

Yearly Pack : $900 (365 days)

Minimum average earning is
35% to 45% a month

Could vary depending on
market conditions

37.5% Profit Share


Trial Pack : $20 (7days)

Monthly Pack : $150 (30days)

Quarterly Pack : $375 (90days)

Yearly Pack : $1300 (365 days)

Minimum average earning is
50% to 70% a month

Could vary depending on
market conditions

35% Profit Share


Trial Pack : $30 (7days)

Monthly Pack : $200 (30days)

Quarterly Pack : $500 (90days)

Yearly Pack : $1800 (365 days)

Minimum average earning is
75% to 100% a month

Could vary depending on
market conditions

30% Profit Share

Terms and Conditions

User can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

Personal portfolio manager available on call or WhatsApp.

Fees mentioned is only subscription.

APEXSWAP will charge a 30% commissions on profits made on a calendar month.

Trading on capital markets contains risk. You might loose part or all of your investment. Read are disclosure

Terms and Conditions apexswaps

payment method We Accepted

We support several payment methods, which depend on what country your payment account is located in.

Americanexpress apexswaps Visa apexswaps Mastercard apexswaps PayPal apexswaps
Bitcoin apexswaps Skrill apexswaps Neteller apexswaps


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Questions you often ask

How can I pay?

You can pay for our signal service from our website via Visa, Master, Amex, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or Bitcoin . To purchase one of our packages, click here, invite link to the VIP group will be sent to your email immediately after the payment is confirmed.

What we offer?

APEXSWAPS offers Daily Premium Trading Signals in order to help traders start making the most out of forex, commodity and cfd trading and earn a consistent profit. Our mission is to help every trader to become long term profitable without having to worry about it.

How to make money like professional traders?

Forex can be a very quick way to become rich only if you have the skill. This skill takes years to build. People who are in the markets for years understand the ever changing market demands and act accordingly.

One way is to learn trading like the professional traders. Another easier way is to take the exact same calls as the professionals and make money together. This is exactly what we offer in our signal service where all the signals are given by our professional traders.

Do I need any specific background of trading experience to become a successful trader?

Becoming successful in Forex takes years of hard work and patience. But with us, you don’t even need any past experience in the industry. You only have to follow our guidance.

Foreign currency exchange is simple and easy to understand. Our goal is to offer a top quality service for all types and levels of traders among our trading community. In any case, it is recommended to learn at least the basics of Forex trading in order to achieve better results.

How to start trading Forex?

First of all, you need to know the basics of trading Forex. If you’re a complete beginner in Forex enroll to our Mini Course to learn about the basics of forex trading.

You will need a good broker next. After you’ve created a live account with your broker, you will have to deposit initial balance to your account. Then you’re all set to start trading the forex market.

Why choosing the right broker is so important?

95% trader’s lose money. What would happen if someone knew what 95% traders are doing? S/he could simply take the opposite trades and win 95% of the times. This is exactly what the market maker brokers do, as a result, they want you to lose your money so that they can win.

This is why a good broker is a very crucial part of your forex journey. We recommend you to use reputed true ECN brokers only.

I have an account and I am already trading. How can I take advantage of your services?

We have a team of profitable traders. By using our service, you can follow exactly what we are trading, and we can make money together.

How do you provide the signals?

We analyze the market and provide you precise details of the Entry price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. We provide money management advise to the VIP members which means we tell them which lot size to use. We update the members when to close a trade and lock profits.

What is the difference between APEXSWAPS. and other signal providers?

Some signal providers perform good for 1 month and then they lose the next month. With our experience in the market, we have learnt how to sustain in an ever-changing market without being inconsistent. We have been profitable over the years which makes us the best choice for you if you want to sustain long term.

In recent years, markets have been in crisis. Is it a good time to trade?

With forex, we can short currency pairs as well. In simple words, we can even make money when the price of an asset goes down. We bet against the asset, when the prices go down, we win our bet and make money. Doesn’t matter if the market is bearish or bullish, there is money making opportunity all the time.

What is leverage?

The level of credit you get on your currency investment from your broker. You can choose between a vast range of leverage amounts. Most brokers usually offer up to 1:100 (meaning for example – 1,000 EUR becomes worth 100,000 Euros of traded currency!). There are some brokers that offer even higher leverage, like 1:200.

Remember, high leverage is far more risky while also potentially far more profitable. No other market can compete with this scale of leverage.

What is the minimum amount to open trading account?

It depends on the trading platform (the broker) that you choose. Each broker decides on a minimum deposit (usually between 50 to 100 US dollars). There are platforms that let you open a $25 account to start trading Forex. Also, most brokers offer up to thousands of dollars bonuses for first-time deposits.

We advise you to open your trading account with a higher amount – $10,000 or more per standard account or $1,000 or more per mini account because in our experience this raises dramatically your chances for nice profits. Such an account makes you flexible on the market.

How much money I can make by trading Forex?

There is no limit. There is enough for everyone to make a fortune but remember the market can go against you as well. You can lose your money in just a few minutes if you are hasty and don’t take steps to reduce risks.

Is it risky to trade Forex?

Forex trading is not completely risk-free, but when professionals manage the deals, the risk is minimized. Like every type of investment, Forex contains possible risks. Forex traders face these risks because of the great possibilities for large earnings which Forex provides.

Can I still sign up for the services even if I'm a newbie?

Yes absolutely. All you need to have is your trading platform app (MetaTrader 4 recommended), some basics about forex and know how to place orders. All of these you can learn very easily from the internet.

What broker will I have to trade with?

You are free to use any broker, but we recommend you use a reputed True ECN broker. If you want us to suggest the appropriate broker for you, contact us at

Is the support team accessible if I want to talk to them?

Our support team is available 24x7 and they can be reached via Live Chat, WhatsApp Chat and E-mail.

What is the appropriate balance to start with your signals?

As you can trade micro lots, you can start with as less as 200 USD. However, your deposit is up to you and you can choose it depending on your financial situation.

Кееp in mind if you want to maximize the returns and profits, you need to make a significant financial investment as it can turn to be crucial. DO NOT INVEST MONEY YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE!

If it safe to use my card on the website?

We work with a reliable partner called ‘SafeCharge’. All the transactions are processed 100% in a secure environment and you can use the credit card without any double thoughts. PayPal, NETELLER, SKRILL can be used as well.

What are the Payment Methods?

AVAILABLE METHODS: PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, NETELLER, SKRILL, Bank transfer, Western Union.

Do you provide Account Management Service?

YesYes, we do, contact us for more details



Our Trusted Brokers

Our Trusted Brokers APEXSWAPS
  1. Forex market is an attractive way to earn profit. Everyday 5-6 trillion USD are exchanged in this market. Many traders are fulfilling their dreams with trading. As the market is huge, there are a lot of scammers who scam traders. To prevent this situation, it’s important to choose the right broker.

Why do you need a reliable forex broker:

  1. Finding a suitable broker is very important before trading. It’s easy to be scammed as the market is full of scammers. Read our previous blogs to learn how to choose a broker.
  2. There are different types of brokers available in the market. You can choose any broker which are suitable for you.
  3. Following are some reliable brokers. Each of them has some unique characteristics:
    • Leverage: is a loan extended to margin account holders by their brokers. Forex traders have access to a variety of leverage amounts depending on the broker, such as 30:1 or 200:1. For example, if a trader use leverage 30:1 and his account size is $1000, he can hold a position that is valued at $30000.
    • Suggested Leverage: If your balance is $200-$500, lot size should be 0.01-0.02 and leverage should be 1:300-500. If your balance is $1000, the lot size should be 0.04 and leverage should be 1:200:300
    • Please note: Leverage is a great way to trade more. But over leverage can create problems. Before taking leverage, check your deposit and then take leverage.
    • Commission and Spreads: A forex broker earns money through commissions and spreads. Many brokers claim that they do not charge any commission but they may charge a specified percentage of spread. When they charge commission, their spread is lower than those who don’t charge any commission. The wider the spread, the more difficult to trade.
    • Initial deposit: Not every trader can invest the same amount of deposit. Some brokers may require $1000 initial deposit, some may require $50 initial deposit. According to the traders capability, they can choose their broker.
    • Currency pair offered: In forex, there are huge numbers of currency pairs available in the market. Traders trade with only major currency pairs. A broker can provide huge types of currency pairs. But what is most important is that they offer the pair(s) in which the trader or investor is interested. Some of the major currency pairs are: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF etc.
    • Trading Platform: Trading platform is the vital key to do forex trading.
  4. There are many brokers available in the market. Some brokers are available in all the countries. Some are not. Here is a list of brokers who are reliable.
    1. IC Markets: IC Markets is the largest true ECN broker in the market. IC Markets is the first Australian Forex broker which was founded in 2007. It has become one of the biggest brokers in the world, also booming in recent years. IC Markets is renowned for its cutting-edge ECN technology, a factor that has enabled it to become one of the best brokers in terms of spread. Because of this reason, scalpers and day traders choose IC Market, i.e. traders with a high volume of daily operations. They have been providing quality service to the traders for a long time. There features are:
      1. Lower Spreads
      2. Faster Execution
      3. Superior Technology
      4. Do not manipulate the market

      Account types of IC Markets:

      Standard Account True ECN Account cTrader Account
      cTrader Account Spreads from 0.0 Pips Spreads from -0.3 Pips
      Minimum deposit $200 Minimum deposit $200 Minimum deposit $1000
      Currency and metal, CFD, Indices are available Currency and metal, CFD, Indices are available Only currency and metal are available

      Account types of IC Markets:Click here to know more or open an account with IC Market.

    2. XM: XM, founded in 2009 in Cyprus, is the largest forex brokers in Cyprus, and third in the world, with an important rate of growth in recent years. In terms of platforms, XM only offers the MT4 and MT5, but where it excels is definitely in the orders execution technology, which is why it is very popular among very active day traders. XM provides a variety of account types. They are:
      1. Standard Account:
        Account Balance Available Leverage
        $5-$20,000 1:1 to 1:888
        $20,001-$100,000 1:1 to 1:200
        $1000,001+ 1:1 to 1:100
      2. XM ultra low Account:
        For this account minimum deposit amount 50$. Spread on all majors is as low as 0.6 pips.


        Account Balance Available Leverage
        $5-$20,000 1:1 to 1:888
        $20,001-$100,000 1:1 to 1:200
        $1000,001+ 1:1 to 1:100
        XM is very popular among new traders as their required initial balance is very less.

        Click here to know more or open an account with XM.

      3. FXTM (Forex Time):
        FXTM is one of the most popular Forex brokers in the industry. They offer different tools and services for trading. They have a competitive spread and they are regulated in the UK.

        Account Types:

        FXTM has various types of account. Their major account are Standards account and ECN Accounts. Under these accounts, there are many sub- accounts.

        Under standard accounts, following accounts can be registered:

        • Standard Account
        • Cent Account
        • Shares Account

        Under ECN accounts, following accounts can be registered

        • ECN Account
        • ECN Zero Account
        • FXTM Pro Account

        Variables Standard Accounts ECN Accounts
        Minimum deposit $/€/£ 10-100 $/€/£ 200-500
        Commission N/A $2 per lot
        Spread 0.1-1.3 0-1.5

        Click here to know more or open an account with FXTM

      4. Exness:
        Exness broker doesn’t give many promotions like other broker but still they are very popular among traders. They give high leverage and in 2018 their trading volume increased by 35%.
        Although they have only 44000 clients at Exness monthly but they generate up to 395 billion dollars, their highest trading volume record. This shows that traders at Exness trade a lot of money, which means Exness is trusted and loved by experienced and professional traders.

        Account Types of Exness:

        Variables Mini Account Classic Account
        Minimum deposit $1 $2000
        Leverage Up to 1:2000 Up to 1:2000
        Spread From 0.3 From 0.1
        Commission on trading volume No No

        Click here to know more or open an account with Exness

      5. AVA Trade:
        Ava trade was funded in 2006. They have grown to a trading volume of 2 million a month with 20,000 customers. It is regulated by top financial bodies.
        For EU traders, the following account types are available:
        • Retail Account
        • Professional Account
        • Options Account
        • Spread Betting Account
        For international traders, following account types are available:
        • Standard Account
        • Options Account

        Additional Information:

        Minimum requirement $100
        Spread Fixed
        Platforms AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
        According to our research, Ava Trade is very popular in South Africa and Nigeria. Traders from those regions choose Ava trade as they offer you a wide range of financial trading instruments to choose from, including a rich resource kit of charts, analytical tools and economic indicators.

        Click here to know more or open an account with AVA Trade:


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